Dagan: a world at your fingertips

I am attempting… to re-construct several of my stories into the world they were meant to be.

The process has been a longtime coming, and I am not sure if/when the completed project will be finished, but I have started on the basic skeleton. If I can find enough threads in the stories so far I may add to it, but I will also need to do some rethinking and rewriting. All just takes time.

Twine is a new program that is used to create hypertext stories, although I believe the more important value may be in constructing hypertext novels. Most hypertext stories are very short, taking the reader through short moments and highly programmed. The hypertext novel is just an evolution of the novel, where further stories outside of the main story can be explored and the world can be defined more deeply in ways that may help the reader appreciate the story more.

Novel: Plan

In constructing this story, I am following a particular set of exercises. The following list describes the exercises. Hopefully by the end of this project, all of these exercises will be complete.

"A bit behind schedule"

1. Character sketches
—–What-if questions
—–Casting charts

2. Chronology of key dates
—–Back stories
—–Wants lists

3. Character dreams
—–Symbols list

4. Character attire and habits
—–Dressing room
—–Ritual activities
—–Alternative viewpoints

5. Storyboarding
—–Content scene notes
—–Direction scene notes

6. Staging
—–Setting scene
—–Moving scene

7. Conversations
—–Recording conversations
—–Dialogue scene

8. Action
—–Action scenes
—–Action word lists
—–Rewrite scenes with stronger words
—–Rewrite scenes with (1)characters, (2)dialogue, (3)stage setup
—–Large action list

9. Perspective
—–Tri-perspective scene
—–Exploring distance
—–Rewrite scene with stage setup
—–Rewrite scene with different point-of-view

10. Chapter planning
—–Identify chapter climax
—–Purpose of chapter
—–Character motives in chapter

11. Scene outlining
—–20 scenes
—–6 key scene summaries
—–Key scene sketch

12. Key scenes
—–Write key scenes into Incline
—–Copy other scenes under each key scene

13. Storyline table
—–Problem-solution dialectic
—–Note key scenes in dialectic

14. Scene motives
—–New character wants lists
—–Write scenarios for leading scenes –> key scenes
—–Rewrite leading scenes focusing on deep motives

15. Opening scene

16. Closing scene (1/2)

17. Closing scene (2/2)
—–Rewrite using images from opening scene

18. Catharsis scene
—–Chain of events –> climax
—–Catharsis scene

19. Mid-point scene
—–Chain events to midpoint; then away from it
—–Midpoint scene

20. Plot point #1
—–Chain events to PP1

21. Plot point #2

22. Scene writing [Act I]
—–Scene list
—–Storyboard scenes
—–Write four scenes

23. Scene writing [Act I]
—–Storyboard scenes
—–Write four scenes

24. Scene writing [Act I]
—–Storyboard scenes
—–Write four scenes

…to be continued


The following is a tentative timeline for my novel, “The Bridge of Rain.”

^500 Falling of the Twin Stars
^500-^301 Great Darkness ^426: the Cliff-Mother is born to Haven and Azure
^300-^181 The Age of Heroes ^201: Firedancer is ensnared to the Cliff-Mother;
^180-^31 ^180: the Cloaked Man is born;
^30-^1 ^30: Judge is born
0 Crowning of Legend Legend is crowned by the Kingmaker
1-25 The Age of Legends 25: Abe is born to Firedancer and the Cliff-Mother;
26-114 114: The Water Woman is born;
115-118 118: Huntring is born to the Monkey King
119-130 130: Jeremiah is born to Legend and the Orient Queen as a bastard;
131-132 131: the Water Woman gives birth to Sam with Legend; 131: Lapoosa is born to the Cliff-Mother and the Kingmaker;
133 The Panthecide
134-139 The Golden Age
136 Marta was born to the Demon and the Dreaming
137 Blade is born to Genesis and the Weaver
138 Death is born to Genesis and the Weaver
139 Lyra is born to the Water Woman and Huntring
140 Flame is born to Genesis and the Weaver
143 Aiko is born to the Cliff-Mother and the Kingmaker
146 Born to Aura and the Starry Man, who conceived him in a dream
148 Peace is born to Genesis and the Weaver
149 Grendel is born to Kareena and the Monkey King
150 The West Wind is born
152 Begins his education under Legend, the Hermit-King Dusk is born to Genesis and the Weaver
153 Jeremiah crowned King of Cir Fasconnas
155 Jeremiah marries Aura, a wealthy heiress; the Rat is born
157 Tania is born to the Cliff-Mother and the Kingmaker
160 Slays his mentor, the Hermit-King Legend Anna is born; the Angel is born (reborn Zeal) to the Sorrows and the Dreaming; the Arrows is born to Jeremiah as a bastard
165 Born to Jeremiah and Aura
166 Aura kills herself, leaving Ladon motherless and Jeremiah mad Discovers a child in his dead mother’s womb and grows the child; a few months later Vinci is born
167 Born to Kareena, with her twin sister Mary Makes trek into the Ether, to search for his dead mother
168 Wand and Peace’s child Hulk is born while in the Ether Storm is born to Genesis and the Weaver
170 Moves into Jeremiah’s palace to serve as counselor Purity is born to Genesis and the Weaver
172 Abandoned by her mother in the Drifting Concepcion is born
175 Jeremiah sends Ladon to live with the Glennish Tania marries the Rat, after she discovers she is with child (the Kid), born later that year
177 Discovered and raised by the Glennish
179 Abandoned by her sister Mary
180 Moves into the City With the help of Huntring, captures Jeremiah and uses his connection with the Nephilim and channels the power of the Starry Man through Jeremiah’s fevered dreams to lure the Nephilim down from the Far Reaches Bart is born to Anna and the Kingmaker
181 Fall of Cir Fasconnas The Nephilim crashes into Cir Fasconnas Succeeds in calling down the Nephilim
182 Earthquakes Begins production of the dreamdrug
183 Becomes addicted to the dreamdrug
185 Panther Revolution
186 Moves to the Glittering Colony to join the Dreamers
187 Meteors Ladon begins to care for the Kid
189 Met Ladon while he was recovering from battle wounds
190 Battle of Hesperides Ladon marries Ruby; Ladon engages the Eternal City’s forces and wins Marries Ladon
191 Building of the Hiver Ladon and the Kid unleash the Hiver on the Eternal City Gives Concepcion to the Nephilim
192 Illusions Ladon and Ruby’s child Mistletoe is born Gives birth to Mistletoe
193 Fall of the Eternal City Ladon takes the Eternal City



Character notes: Wand

Character notes: these posts are pre-released information on a novel I am writing.

Half-brother to Ladon through his mother Aura, Wand’s father is supposedly the Starry Man, when he first fell to the Earth hundreds of years ago and caused the sundering of the Ether and empowered the first Gods (including his mother). Considered a mistake, he served his step-father Jeremiah and conspired to overthrow him and claim the kingdom for himself with the help of a famous warrior and hero (Huntring), a comrade in arms he had served together in the Ether as adventurers and the founding of the Dolls, a society Wand created to maintain order among the Three Cities. However, during Wand’s experiments he found he poisoned himself with Ether and could no longer bear children, and grew obsessed with the ability to transcend mortal form through the use of ether, as his father had apparently done, so to finance his operation created a drug out of his father’s body to experiment on people to test the effects.

He grew ever more mad and brilliant, and finally sought to control his step-father’s kingdom for himself, so he used the power of his step-father to bring down the Nephilim from the heavens, who destroyed the kingdom and unleashed the Music on the people through a series of plagues and changes constantly terrorizing the cities, which was attempting to purify the imbalance, while Wand used the chaos to create an empire of Dreamers and Dreamrunners, threatening and destabilizing all three kingdoms.

A very charismatic man, meticulous like his brother, but without ethics or presumptions of morality, seeing all men as a means to an end, a perfect society where death is of the past and men live in perfect harmony with the ether. A rampant womanizer, a thousand lovers, a man so addicted to the ether he had failed to distinguish reality from dream. a villain who will destroy anyone in his way, and has no compunction about controlling weak-minded men and throwing his friends to the dogs if they stand in his way. A lover of attention, an adventurer and paragon of power, who seeks to master the ether and even bring back the dead.

Long black hair, unblinking eyes (product of his ether addiction), pale, glowing skin (which he covers except in the presence of his disciples), tall and lanky, undeniably swift but unskilled in any form of combat; a subtle manipulator of guilt and ambition, who uses his mind to control those before him and turn them to his will. While his brother seeks to become a good man, he seeks to become a better man, better than all others, unflinching in pride, ambition, perceived perfection, and absolute hubris.

His favorite place to be is among his admirers, basking in the warmth of their love, giving his love back in return. He loves his disciples with devotion, but expects them to follow his every word, even to their death and his sadness. A dreamer and idealist, he seeks to purify the world not through abstinence, but through full embrace, taking hold of every moment and fulfilling himself in every way.

he had a zoo of pets he preferred in his time off (nothing bad, but gives him a sense of peace)
he had a harem of dreamers who were utterly devoted to him
he was a constant fighter in the arena, just for the thrill, but never won, always losing magnificently
he was a close friend and confidante of the Arrows, who also served Ladon as an informant
he traveled extensively in the Ether and compiled a huge number of artifacts in his personal collection
he was a lover of the Angel and Marta, sometimes in conjunction and at the same time
he secretly harvested the dying Midnight Trees through his lover Kareena for experimentation and enhancement of ether powers
he used his father’s memories to construct a duplicate of the Hive deep in the Undercity for his own amusement
he had been killed numerous times and raised back to life by the Angel, who has devoted herself to him
he hunted and sent assassins to stop his mother from finding the Book of Idris and resurrecting in the Ether
he kept his father locked in the Ether for dozens of years just to experiment and enhance Vinci’s creations
he killed his mentor quite by accident as he could not control his ether powers

146 (0): Born to Aura, who conceived him in a dream
160 (14): Slays his mentor, the Hermit-King Legend
166 (20): Discovers a child in his dead mother’s womb and grows the child; a few months later Vinci is born
166 (20): Makes first trek into the Ether
168 (22): Hulk is born to Wand and Peace while in the Ether
170-80 (24-34): Conspires with Huntring to capture Cir Fasconnas
181 (35): Succeeds in calling down the Nephilim by using his step-father’s dreams and his father’s essence to draw the Nephilim down from the heavens
182 (36): Begins production of the dream drug

Character Notes: Ruby

Character notes: these posts are pre-released information on a novel I am writing.

A woman of extraordinary beauty and enchantment, even to her own downfall. Bountiful red hair, pale ivory skin (as opposed to her dark sister Mary). With her sister Mary, she is one of the only people to live with the unique talent to take the ether of another and change it briefly to whatever she desires. While her sister has chosen a far more useful usage of her skill as a Sister (a branch of powerful women who utilize their gifts to shape events), Ruby adopted a more carefree lifestyle, desiring money, power, and the love of others, until she found herself in the care of Ladon, a man she could not touch and who would not touch her. Brought together in the passion of war, they fell in love and married, but her wild life caught up with her and after she refused to touch her own daughter, Ladon exiled her and exiled his heart, although in her madness she continues to love him. She has taken up in the Hallows, brought peace by the elusive Door. She struggles with the madness of an undisciplined mind, and knows to take her place as a queen would surely ruin her husband and so their meetings are few and far, but strong as he brings her peace as much as she brings him passion.

Ruby has aged very slowly, and even in her fifties looks not a year over 30. So attractive that she often has to hide herself when she goes into public, as the unnecessary attentions drive her mad. When her sanity escapes her, she is often found in the company of men, and is renown as one of the Hallow’s most esteemed courtesans, and has taken to bed many of the famous and well-known figures of the city, although they do not remember except for the elation; of her their memory is nothing, as is the power she has over both men and women.

She prefers the home of the Priest, who cares for the downtrodden and diseased, and often helps him in his endeavors, although cautioned against by Door as well as by Joshua, the elusive man who supposedly runs the Godmen out of the home. When her husband visits her, she spends as much time with him as she can, and when he leaves she continues to try and help him, but in her own way. She is Ladon’s voice in the City, and through her he maintains a subtle balance of power.

She and her dark sister Mary were both abandoned in the Drifting by their mother Kareena. The two girls were orphaned at a young age and left in the care of the Glennish, who enforced a strange disciplined wildness on the girls, and later transferred the girls to the Sisters, a branch her sister Mary accepted but she herself rejected the monastic discipline, being ostracized and left to fend for herself on the streets. She later became addicted to the dreamdrug and traveled to be with like-minded Dreamers, where she met the young prince of Cir Fasconnas. The rest is history.

she maintained a coterie of girls to help support her lavish lifestyle
she constantly fought with herself for purity versus extravagance, and maintained several lavish abodes to entertain men
she had dreams where she was her sister and her sister was her
she grew more mad with every man’s ether she touched, and was cleansed whenever she met with Ladon
she donated much of her money to the Priest and his mission
she refused the healing touch of Door for fear of who she would remain without her gift
she had first met Ladon when she lived with the Glennish
she later met him when she was a Dreamer
she constantly struggled with an addiction to the dreamdrug
no one knew of her marriage to Ladon, except the two of them
Ladon bestowed on her the wealth of a queen, and she donated that money to the Priest
she never knew her daughter, and was always set to madness upon sight of her
she secretly despised her sister Mary for abandoning her to the streets at such a young age and never trying to help her
she had provided Concepcion to the Nephilim in full knowledge of who he was

167 (0): Born to Kareena, with her twin sister Mary
172 (5): Abandoned by her mother with her sister in the Drifting
177 (10): Discovered and raised by the Glennish
179 (12): Abandoned by her sister Mary
180 (13): Moved into the City
183 (16): Became addicted to the dreamdrug
186 (19): Moved to the Glittering Colony to join the Dreamers
189 (22): Met Ladon while he was recovering from wounds
190 (23): Married Ladon
191 (24): Gave Concepcion to the Nephilim
192 (25): Gave birth to Mistletoe

Character Notes: Ladon

Character notes: these posts are pre-released information on a novel I am writing.

Well-built. Strong. Iron jaw. Curling, wavy hair. Stone eyes. Calm under pressure. Calculating mind. Stands on the prow of the ship, his hand gripping the rail, staring straight ahead. At home relaxed, pressure down, collapsing into a chair. Tired but disciplined. Striving to rebuild the fallen remains, from the mess of a chaotic family, loose wife, wild and uncontrollable daughter, and a family that has more problems in it than his own kingdom. Charismatically strong, yet humble with a streak of ferocity and ruthlessness. However, not energetically charismatic or excitable. Hard-nosed, to the point of self-destruction; but open to the opinions of those he trusts.

Tall, around 6’2”, with strong, broad shoulders. a man of few carnal desires, stoic yet enjoys the company of a certain woman (Ruby) who eventually becomes his wife. Not a handsome man, but cunningly smart, knowing how to keep his outrageously charismatic and sinister general (Arthur) in check. Stays very much behind the scenes. Prefers simple clothing, walking among normal people, and throws all the attention and praise on his general while keeping strong control over power players.

Very, very strong, yet soft as a child when not directing armies. A man who smiles little, but whose face can be shrouded even from his best friend.

Combat-hardened, a warrior of frightening skill, but who never knows his abilities except in times of dire need, yet always in every battle, standing and protecting his fighters. Many, many wounds, often to the point of bringing him back from the point of death after a battle. Body full of scars, especially after taking the Eternal City. Suffers greatly and requires doctors to tend to him daily, yet strength of will continues his life until he sees stability passed to another generation. Grows softer and wiser in time, but intellect never dulls. Married in secret to Ruby, but unable to have her at his home due to basic nature; which she herself refuses to live with him, with full knowledge of her peculiarities. Cares deeply for his daughter, even as she struggles to understand the immense chaos within her. Remains pure to his wife, even in the face of his society. Watches over his best friend’s son like his own, but watches in despair as the power from his mind and station corrupt him and tries desperately to teach the young boy honor.

Ladon begins as a young, idealistic prince, recently having witnesses the physical and social destruction of his country from the duplicity of Wand and Huntring have captured a source of incredible energy. He grows into a hardened king, and finally as his country falls apart, takes to the skies and conquers another country under extraordinary odds. Along the way he learns how to be a king, how to command armies, and how to be a good man. Away from his duties he prefers the presence of his wife, and if not available a good, quiet patch of earth to care for, studying the intricacies of nature, and meditating on the invisible forces surrounding all men. Unlike other men, he has never had a connection with the Ether (very unlike his star-studded family) but had to rely on his own power and force. While at first considered by his father an embarrassment, when his father disappeared he showed extraordinary resilience and intelligence in the face of madness.

he lived a life similar to Wand in his youth
he had a streak of darkness
he died and was brought back to life by Wand
he hated his father
he best friend was his brother
he was a musician/artist
he took care of his grand-mother in her mad state
he was on the brink of death
he had visions like his father
he had visited the Dreaming and heard the Music
he fought in the arena as a young, precocious youth
he lived for a time with the Glennish as a young child, guided by the Lord of the Dance himself
he maintained a delicate relationship with the Twilight Dance, using his power to influence decisions at the Empress’ court
he used the dreamdrug to relieve his battle scar pain
he used his wealth the support the gunrunning of Sam, to keep his army strong and drive the mad powers of the Far Reaches away
he was never told of his lineage, but learned as the story progressed

165 (0): Born to Jeremiah and Aura
166 (1): Aura disappears, leaving Ladon motherless
175 (10): Jeremiah sends Ladon to live with the Glennish
181 (16): The Nephilim crashes into Cir Fasconnas
187 (22): Ladon begins to care for the Kid
190 (25): Ladon marries Ruby
190 (25): Ladon engages the Eternal City’s forces and wins
191 (26): Ladon and the Kid unleash the Hiver on the Eternal City
192 (27): Ladon and Ruby’s child Mistletoe is born
193 (28): Ladon takes the Eternal City