I am attempting… to re-construct several of my stories into the world they were meant to be. The process has been a longtime coming, and I am not sure if/when the completed project will be finished, but I have started on the basic skeleton. If I can find enough threads in the stories so far I may add to it, but I will also need to do some rethinking and rewriting. All just takes time. Twine is a new program that is used to create hypertext stories, although I believe the more important value may be in constructing hypertext novels. Most hypertext stories are very short, taking the reader through short moments and highly programmed. The hypertext novel is just[…]

In constructing this story, I am following a particular set of exercises. The following list describes the exercises. Hopefully by the end of this project, all of these exercises will be complete. 1. Character sketches —–What-if questions —–Casting charts 2. Chronology of key dates —–Back stories —–Wants lists 3. Character dreams —–Symbols list 4. Character attire and habits —–Dressing room —–Ritual activities —–Alternative viewpoints 5. Storyboarding —–Content scene notes —–Direction scene notes 6. Staging —–Props —–Setting scene —–Moving scene 7. Conversations —–Recording conversations —–Dialogue scene 8. Action —–Action scenes —–Action word lists —–Rewrite scenes with stronger words —–Rewrite scenes with (1)characters, (2)dialogue, (3)stage setup —–Large action list 9. Perspective —–Tri-perspective scene —–Exploring distance —–Rewrite scene with stage setup —–Rewrite scene[…]

The following is a tentative timeline for my novel, “The Bridge of Rain.” General Plagues LADON RUBY WAND OTHER ^500 Falling of the Twin Stars ^500-^301 Great Darkness ^426: the Cliff-Mother is born to Haven and Azure ^300-^181 The Age of Heroes ^201: Firedancer is ensnared to the Cliff-Mother; ^180-^31 ^180: the Cloaked Man is born; ^30-^1 ^30: Judge is born 0 Crowning of Legend Legend is crowned by the Kingmaker 1-25 The Age of Legends 25: Abe is born to Firedancer and the Cliff-Mother; 26-114 114: The Water Woman is born; 115-118 118: Huntring is born to the Monkey King 119-130 130: Jeremiah is born to Legend and the Orient Queen as a bastard; 131-132 131: the Water Woman[…]

Character notes: these posts are pre-released information on a novel I am writing. WAND Half-brother to Ladon through his mother Aura, Wand’s father is supposedly the Starry Man, when he first fell to the Earth hundreds of years ago and caused the sundering of the Ether and empowered the first Gods (including his mother). Considered a mistake, he served his step-father Jeremiah and conspired to overthrow him and claim the kingdom for himself with the help of a famous warrior and hero (Huntring), a comrade in arms he had served together in the Ether as adventurers and the founding of the Dolls, a society Wand created to maintain order among the Three Cities. However, during Wand’s experiments he found he[…]

Character notes: these posts are pre-released information on a novel I am writing. RUBY A woman of extraordinary beauty and enchantment, even to her own downfall. Bountiful red hair, pale ivory skin (as opposed to her dark sister Mary). With her sister Mary, she is one of the only people to live with the unique talent to take the ether of another and change it briefly to whatever she desires. While her sister has chosen a far more useful usage of her skill as a Sister (a branch of powerful women who utilize their gifts to shape events), Ruby adopted a more carefree lifestyle, desiring money, power, and the love of others, until she found herself in the care of[…]

Character notes: these posts are pre-released information on a novel I am writing. LADON Well-built. Strong. Iron jaw. Curling, wavy hair. Stone eyes. Calm under pressure. Calculating mind. Stands on the prow of the ship, his hand gripping the rail, staring straight ahead. At home relaxed, pressure down, collapsing into a chair. Tired but disciplined. Striving to rebuild the fallen remains, from the mess of a chaotic family, loose wife, wild and uncontrollable daughter, and a family that has more problems in it than his own kingdom. Charismatically strong, yet humble with a streak of ferocity and ruthlessness. However, not energetically charismatic or excitable. Hard-nosed, to the point of self-destruction; but open to the opinions of those he trusts. Tall,[…]