This game pits two magicians against each other. They have the power to throw spells at each other, or to summon monsters to their side. This game follows the elemental pattern found in the game ELEMENT*, but with the exception that it is a duel, not a race. Any royal card can be combined with one element card. Each royal has a different defense: Jack (10), Queen (11), King (12), Ace (x2 of coupled card), and Joker (5 defense) (x2 attack). They have the benefit of being permanent cards and not simple spells, yet they can also die. Once attached to an element, they cannot be re-attached. Players start at 100 life. Any number (up to five) of element cards[…]

Being an Agent of Peace, and the power of leadership principles in changing external and internal behaviors within fictional environments.   Abstract This study’s objective was to utilize leadership principles (cited in three different books) as active change agents within a group of people involved in an interactive story. The aim of the study was to change their character behavior from sadistic and violent, towards behavior that was subjected to an undefined but subjective and peaceable moral scale. Kotter’s eight-step process was utilized in order to introduce external change, as well as Quinn’s perspective of deep change to encourage internal change. Finally, Johnson’s Who Stole My Cheese was integral, providing a metaphor of the world in which the players participated.[…]