Novel: Plan

In constructing this story, I am following a particular set of exercises. The following list describes the exercises. Hopefully by the end of this project, all of these exercises will be complete.

"A bit behind schedule"

1. Character sketches
—–What-if questions
—–Casting charts

2. Chronology of key dates
—–Back stories
—–Wants lists

3. Character dreams
—–Symbols list

4. Character attire and habits
—–Dressing room
—–Ritual activities
—–Alternative viewpoints

5. Storyboarding
—–Content scene notes
—–Direction scene notes

6. Staging
—–Setting scene
—–Moving scene

7. Conversations
—–Recording conversations
—–Dialogue scene

8. Action
—–Action scenes
—–Action word lists
—–Rewrite scenes with stronger words
—–Rewrite scenes with (1)characters, (2)dialogue, (3)stage setup
—–Large action list

9. Perspective
—–Tri-perspective scene
—–Exploring distance
—–Rewrite scene with stage setup
—–Rewrite scene with different point-of-view

10. Chapter planning
—–Identify chapter climax
—–Purpose of chapter
—–Character motives in chapter

11. Scene outlining
—–20 scenes
—–6 key scene summaries
—–Key scene sketch

12. Key scenes
—–Write key scenes into Incline
—–Copy other scenes under each key scene

13. Storyline table
—–Problem-solution dialectic
—–Note key scenes in dialectic

14. Scene motives
—–New character wants lists
—–Write scenarios for leading scenes –> key scenes
—–Rewrite leading scenes focusing on deep motives

15. Opening scene

16. Closing scene (1/2)

17. Closing scene (2/2)
—–Rewrite using images from opening scene

18. Catharsis scene
—–Chain of events –> climax
—–Catharsis scene

19. Mid-point scene
—–Chain events to midpoint; then away from it
—–Midpoint scene

20. Plot point #1
—–Chain events to PP1

21. Plot point #2

22. Scene writing [Act I]
—–Scene list
—–Storyboard scenes
—–Write four scenes

23. Scene writing [Act I]
—–Storyboard scenes
—–Write four scenes

24. Scene writing [Act I]
—–Storyboard scenes
—–Write four scenes

…to be continued