The following is a tentative timeline for my novel, “The Bridge of Rain.”

^500 Falling of the Twin Stars
^500-^301 Great Darkness ^426: the Cliff-Mother is born to Haven and Azure
^300-^181 The Age of Heroes ^201: Firedancer is ensnared to the Cliff-Mother;
^180-^31 ^180: the Cloaked Man is born;
^30-^1 ^30: Judge is born
0 Crowning of Legend Legend is crowned by the Kingmaker
1-25 The Age of Legends 25: Abe is born to Firedancer and the Cliff-Mother;
26-114 114: The Water Woman is born;
115-118 118: Huntring is born to the Monkey King
119-130 130: Jeremiah is born to Legend and the Orient Queen as a bastard;
131-132 131: the Water Woman gives birth to Sam with Legend; 131: Lapoosa is born to the Cliff-Mother and the Kingmaker;
133 The Panthecide
134-139 The Golden Age
136 Marta was born to the Demon and the Dreaming
137 Blade is born to Genesis and the Weaver
138 Death is born to Genesis and the Weaver
139 Lyra is born to the Water Woman and Huntring
140 Flame is born to Genesis and the Weaver
143 Aiko is born to the Cliff-Mother and the Kingmaker
146 Born to Aura and the Starry Man, who conceived him in a dream
148 Peace is born to Genesis and the Weaver
149 Grendel is born to Kareena and the Monkey King
150 The West Wind is born
152 Begins his education under Legend, the Hermit-King Dusk is born to Genesis and the Weaver
153 Jeremiah crowned King of Cir Fasconnas
155 Jeremiah marries Aura, a wealthy heiress; the Rat is born
157 Tania is born to the Cliff-Mother and the Kingmaker
160 Slays his mentor, the Hermit-King Legend Anna is born; the Angel is born (reborn Zeal) to the Sorrows and the Dreaming; the Arrows is born to Jeremiah as a bastard
165 Born to Jeremiah and Aura
166 Aura kills herself, leaving Ladon motherless and Jeremiah mad Discovers a child in his dead mother’s womb and grows the child; a few months later Vinci is born
167 Born to Kareena, with her twin sister Mary Makes trek into the Ether, to search for his dead mother
168 Wand and Peace’s child Hulk is born while in the Ether Storm is born to Genesis and the Weaver
170 Moves into Jeremiah’s palace to serve as counselor Purity is born to Genesis and the Weaver
172 Abandoned by her mother in the Drifting Concepcion is born
175 Jeremiah sends Ladon to live with the Glennish Tania marries the Rat, after she discovers she is with child (the Kid), born later that year
177 Discovered and raised by the Glennish
179 Abandoned by her sister Mary
180 Moves into the City With the help of Huntring, captures Jeremiah and uses his connection with the Nephilim and channels the power of the Starry Man through Jeremiah’s fevered dreams to lure the Nephilim down from the Far Reaches Bart is born to Anna and the Kingmaker
181 Fall of Cir Fasconnas The Nephilim crashes into Cir Fasconnas Succeeds in calling down the Nephilim
182 Earthquakes Begins production of the dreamdrug
183 Becomes addicted to the dreamdrug
185 Panther Revolution
186 Moves to the Glittering Colony to join the Dreamers
187 Meteors Ladon begins to care for the Kid
189 Met Ladon while he was recovering from battle wounds
190 Battle of Hesperides Ladon marries Ruby; Ladon engages the Eternal City’s forces and wins Marries Ladon
191 Building of the Hiver Ladon and the Kid unleash the Hiver on the Eternal City Gives Concepcion to the Nephilim
192 Illusions Ladon and Ruby’s child Mistletoe is born Gives birth to Mistletoe
193 Fall of the Eternal City Ladon takes the Eternal City