Character notes: Wand

Character notes: these posts are pre-released information on a novel I am writing.

Half-brother to Ladon through his mother Aura, Wand’s father is supposedly the Starry Man, when he first fell to the Earth hundreds of years ago and caused the sundering of the Ether and empowered the first Gods (including his mother). Considered a mistake, he served his step-father Jeremiah and conspired to overthrow him and claim the kingdom for himself with the help of a famous warrior and hero (Huntring), a comrade in arms he had served together in the Ether as adventurers and the founding of the Dolls, a society Wand created to maintain order among the Three Cities. However, during Wand’s experiments he found he poisoned himself with Ether and could no longer bear children, and grew obsessed with the ability to transcend mortal form through the use of ether, as his father had apparently done, so to finance his operation created a drug out of his father’s body to experiment on people to test the effects.

He grew ever more mad and brilliant, and finally sought to control his step-father’s kingdom for himself, so he used the power of his step-father to bring down the Nephilim from the heavens, who destroyed the kingdom and unleashed the Music on the people through a series of plagues and changes constantly terrorizing the cities, which was attempting to purify the imbalance, while Wand used the chaos to create an empire of Dreamers and Dreamrunners, threatening and destabilizing all three kingdoms.

A very charismatic man, meticulous like his brother, but without ethics or presumptions of morality, seeing all men as a means to an end, a perfect society where death is of the past and men live in perfect harmony with the ether. A rampant womanizer, a thousand lovers, a man so addicted to the ether he had failed to distinguish reality from dream. a villain who will destroy anyone in his way, and has no compunction about controlling weak-minded men and throwing his friends to the dogs if they stand in his way. A lover of attention, an adventurer and paragon of power, who seeks to master the ether and even bring back the dead.

Long black hair, unblinking eyes (product of his ether addiction), pale, glowing skin (which he covers except in the presence of his disciples), tall and lanky, undeniably swift but unskilled in any form of combat; a subtle manipulator of guilt and ambition, who uses his mind to control those before him and turn them to his will. While his brother seeks to become a good man, he seeks to become a better man, better than all others, unflinching in pride, ambition, perceived perfection, and absolute hubris.

His favorite place to be is among his admirers, basking in the warmth of their love, giving his love back in return. He loves his disciples with devotion, but expects them to follow his every word, even to their death and his sadness. A dreamer and idealist, he seeks to purify the world not through abstinence, but through full embrace, taking hold of every moment and fulfilling himself in every way.

he had a zoo of pets he preferred in his time off (nothing bad, but gives him a sense of peace)
he had a harem of dreamers who were utterly devoted to him
he was a constant fighter in the arena, just for the thrill, but never won, always losing magnificently
he was a close friend and confidante of the Arrows, who also served Ladon as an informant
he traveled extensively in the Ether and compiled a huge number of artifacts in his personal collection
he was a lover of the Angel and Marta, sometimes in conjunction and at the same time
he secretly harvested the dying Midnight Trees through his lover Kareena for experimentation and enhancement of ether powers
he used his father’s memories to construct a duplicate of the Hive deep in the Undercity for his own amusement
he had been killed numerous times and raised back to life by the Angel, who has devoted herself to him
he hunted and sent assassins to stop his mother from finding the Book of Idris and resurrecting in the Ether
he kept his father locked in the Ether for dozens of years just to experiment and enhance Vinci’s creations
he killed his mentor quite by accident as he could not control his ether powers

146 (0): Born to Aura, who conceived him in a dream
160 (14): Slays his mentor, the Hermit-King Legend
166 (20): Discovers a child in his dead mother’s womb and grows the child; a few months later Vinci is born
166 (20): Makes first trek into the Ether
168 (22): Hulk is born to Wand and Peace while in the Ether
170-80 (24-34): Conspires with Huntring to capture Cir Fasconnas
181 (35): Succeeds in calling down the Nephilim by using his step-father’s dreams and his father’s essence to draw the Nephilim down from the heavens
182 (36): Begins production of the dream drug