Character Notes: Ruby

Character notes: these posts are pre-released information on a novel I am writing.

A woman of extraordinary beauty and enchantment, even to her own downfall. Bountiful red hair, pale ivory skin (as opposed to her dark sister Mary). With her sister Mary, she is one of the only people to live with the unique talent to take the ether of another and change it briefly to whatever she desires. While her sister has chosen a far more useful usage of her skill as a Sister (a branch of powerful women who utilize their gifts to shape events), Ruby adopted a more carefree lifestyle, desiring money, power, and the love of others, until she found herself in the care of Ladon, a man she could not touch and who would not touch her. Brought together in the passion of war, they fell in love and married, but her wild life caught up with her and after she refused to touch her own daughter, Ladon exiled her and exiled his heart, although in her madness she continues to love him. She has taken up in the Hallows, brought peace by the elusive Door. She struggles with the madness of an undisciplined mind, and knows to take her place as a queen would surely ruin her husband and so their meetings are few and far, but strong as he brings her peace as much as she brings him passion.

Ruby has aged very slowly, and even in her fifties looks not a year over 30. So attractive that she often has to hide herself when she goes into public, as the unnecessary attentions drive her mad. When her sanity escapes her, she is often found in the company of men, and is renown as one of the Hallow’s most esteemed courtesans, and has taken to bed many of the famous and well-known figures of the city, although they do not remember except for the elation; of her their memory is nothing, as is the power she has over both men and women.

She prefers the home of the Priest, who cares for the downtrodden and diseased, and often helps him in his endeavors, although cautioned against by Door as well as by Joshua, the elusive man who supposedly runs the Godmen out of the home. When her husband visits her, she spends as much time with him as she can, and when he leaves she continues to try and help him, but in her own way. She is Ladon’s voice in the City, and through her he maintains a subtle balance of power.

She and her dark sister Mary were both abandoned in the Drifting by their mother Kareena. The two girls were orphaned at a young age and left in the care of the Glennish, who enforced a strange disciplined wildness on the girls, and later transferred the girls to the Sisters, a branch her sister Mary accepted but she herself rejected the monastic discipline, being ostracized and left to fend for herself on the streets. She later became addicted to the dreamdrug and traveled to be with like-minded Dreamers, where she met the young prince of Cir Fasconnas. The rest is history.

she maintained a coterie of girls to help support her lavish lifestyle
she constantly fought with herself for purity versus extravagance, and maintained several lavish abodes to entertain men
she had dreams where she was her sister and her sister was her
she grew more mad with every man’s ether she touched, and was cleansed whenever she met with Ladon
she donated much of her money to the Priest and his mission
she refused the healing touch of Door for fear of who she would remain without her gift
she had first met Ladon when she lived with the Glennish
she later met him when she was a Dreamer
she constantly struggled with an addiction to the dreamdrug
no one knew of her marriage to Ladon, except the two of them
Ladon bestowed on her the wealth of a queen, and she donated that money to the Priest
she never knew her daughter, and was always set to madness upon sight of her
she secretly despised her sister Mary for abandoning her to the streets at such a young age and never trying to help her
she had provided Concepcion to the Nephilim in full knowledge of who he was

167 (0): Born to Kareena, with her twin sister Mary
172 (5): Abandoned by her mother with her sister in the Drifting
177 (10): Discovered and raised by the Glennish
179 (12): Abandoned by her sister Mary
180 (13): Moved into the City
183 (16): Became addicted to the dreamdrug
186 (19): Moved to the Glittering Colony to join the Dreamers
189 (22): Met Ladon while he was recovering from wounds
190 (23): Married Ladon
191 (24): Gave Concepcion to the Nephilim
192 (25): Gave birth to Mistletoe