Character Notes: Ladon

Character notes: these posts are pre-released information on a novel I am writing.

Well-built. Strong. Iron jaw. Curling, wavy hair. Stone eyes. Calm under pressure. Calculating mind. Stands on the prow of the ship, his hand gripping the rail, staring straight ahead. At home relaxed, pressure down, collapsing into a chair. Tired but disciplined. Striving to rebuild the fallen remains, from the mess of a chaotic family, loose wife, wild and uncontrollable daughter, and a family that has more problems in it than his own kingdom. Charismatically strong, yet humble with a streak of ferocity and ruthlessness. However, not energetically charismatic or excitable. Hard-nosed, to the point of self-destruction; but open to the opinions of those he trusts.

Tall, around 6’2”, with strong, broad shoulders. a man of few carnal desires, stoic yet enjoys the company of a certain woman (Ruby) who eventually becomes his wife. Not a handsome man, but cunningly smart, knowing how to keep his outrageously charismatic and sinister general (Arthur) in check. Stays very much behind the scenes. Prefers simple clothing, walking among normal people, and throws all the attention and praise on his general while keeping strong control over power players.

Very, very strong, yet soft as a child when not directing armies. A man who smiles little, but whose face can be shrouded even from his best friend.

Combat-hardened, a warrior of frightening skill, but who never knows his abilities except in times of dire need, yet always in every battle, standing and protecting his fighters. Many, many wounds, often to the point of bringing him back from the point of death after a battle. Body full of scars, especially after taking the Eternal City. Suffers greatly and requires doctors to tend to him daily, yet strength of will continues his life until he sees stability passed to another generation. Grows softer and wiser in time, but intellect never dulls. Married in secret to Ruby, but unable to have her at his home due to basic nature; which she herself refuses to live with him, with full knowledge of her peculiarities. Cares deeply for his daughter, even as she struggles to understand the immense chaos within her. Remains pure to his wife, even in the face of his society. Watches over his best friend’s son like his own, but watches in despair as the power from his mind and station corrupt him and tries desperately to teach the young boy honor.

Ladon begins as a young, idealistic prince, recently having witnesses the physical and social destruction of his country from the duplicity of Wand and Huntring have captured a source of incredible energy. He grows into a hardened king, and finally as his country falls apart, takes to the skies and conquers another country under extraordinary odds. Along the way he learns how to be a king, how to command armies, and how to be a good man. Away from his duties he prefers the presence of his wife, and if not available a good, quiet patch of earth to care for, studying the intricacies of nature, and meditating on the invisible forces surrounding all men. Unlike other men, he has never had a connection with the Ether (very unlike his star-studded family) but had to rely on his own power and force. While at first considered by his father an embarrassment, when his father disappeared he showed extraordinary resilience and intelligence in the face of madness.

he lived a life similar to Wand in his youth
he had a streak of darkness
he died and was brought back to life by Wand
he hated his father
he best friend was his brother
he was a musician/artist
he took care of his grand-mother in her mad state
he was on the brink of death
he had visions like his father
he had visited the Dreaming and heard the Music
he fought in the arena as a young, precocious youth
he lived for a time with the Glennish as a young child, guided by the Lord of the Dance himself
he maintained a delicate relationship with the Twilight Dance, using his power to influence decisions at the Empress’ court
he used the dreamdrug to relieve his battle scar pain
he used his wealth the support the gunrunning of Sam, to keep his army strong and drive the mad powers of the Far Reaches away
he was never told of his lineage, but learned as the story progressed

165 (0): Born to Jeremiah and Aura
166 (1): Aura disappears, leaving Ladon motherless
175 (10): Jeremiah sends Ladon to live with the Glennish
181 (16): The Nephilim crashes into Cir Fasconnas
187 (22): Ladon begins to care for the Kid
190 (25): Ladon marries Ruby
190 (25): Ladon engages the Eternal City’s forces and wins
191 (26): Ladon and the Kid unleash the Hiver on the Eternal City
192 (27): Ladon and Ruby’s child Mistletoe is born
193 (28): Ladon takes the Eternal City